b'2 4 6NOVELLA designs in 18K gold.NOVELLA bracelets in 18K gold.NOVELLA designs in sterling silver with CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: FROM TOP: Madeira citrine and18K gold or in 18K gold. CLOCKWISE rings with pink tourmaline, $3,400;diamonds (0.29 ctw), $9,800blueFROM LEFT: Y-necklace with amethyst, green tourmaline, $3,400; tanzanite,topaz and tanzanite, $8,500iolite Hampton blue topaz, iolite and diamonds $4,200; or Madeira citrine, $2,200 and green tourmaline, $8,900.(0.05 ctw), $1,500rings with rhodalite necklaces with citrine, Madeira citrinegarnet, $1,100; Madeira citrine, $2,200; and pink tourmaline, $29,000 (top) 5 peridot, $1,100; Hampton blue topaz, $850; and with diamonds (0.56 ctw), All in sterling silver with 18K gold.or amethyst, $850.$32,000rings with blue topaz andFROM TOP: CHAIN amulet necklace, tanzanite or Madeira citrine and$1,400. NOVELLA pendant with 7rubellite, $4,800 each. blue and Hampton blue topaz, $2,900. NOVELLA rings in sterling silver with18K gold or in 18K gold. FROM LEFT:Amethyst, $1,900blue and Hamptonblue topaz, $1,750Madeira citrine anddiamonds (0.43 ctw), $7,800.8 10 12THE CABLE COLLECTION braceletsBracelets in sterling silver with or withoutRings in 18K gold with diamonds. FROM in sterling silver with rhodalite garnet.diamonds. FROM LEFT: CONTINUANCETOP: CHTELAINE garnetcitrine FROM LEFT: 9mm with 14K gold,7mm (0.09 ctw), $850. THE CABLE(fifth from top)peridot (sixth from top)citrine and Madeira citrine, $2,900 COLLECTION 5mm with Hampton blueturquoise (ninth from top)chrysoprase 9mm buckle with 18K gold, $2,400. topaz (0.19 ctw), $975two-row buckle (bottom). All with 0.03 ctw of diamonds, with 18K gold, $7755mm with citrine $995 each. CABLE COLLECTIBLES 9 (far right), (0.07 ctw), $675. THE(second from top), (0.06 ctw), $750. All in sterling silver. FROM TOP: CROSSOVER COLLECTION with NOVELLA pink tourmaline (third from PURE FORM earrings, $425. 18K gold (fourth from left), $850. top), (0.05 ctw), $950Hampton blue topaz THE CABLE COLLECTION 9mm(eighth from top), (0.05 ctw), $795. SOLARI bracelets with 14K gold and amethyst,11 cultured Akoya white pearl (fourth from iolite and rhodalite garnet; citrine,Bracelets in sterling silver with or withouttop), (0.08 ctw), $850station (seventh from rhodalite garnet and Madeira citrine;diamonds. FROM LEFT: THE CABLEtop), (0.21 ctw), $1,100.or blue topaz, Hampton blue topaz andCOLLECTION 4mm X with 18K gold, $495 iolite (last from top), $2,900 each9mm 5mm with peridot (0.07 ctw), $7755mm13buckle bracelet (third from top) with with amethyst (far right), (0.19 ctw), $950.SOLARI bead bracelets in 18K gold. 18K gold and rhodalite garnet, $2,400. THE CROSSOVER COLLECTION 9mmCLOCKWISE FROM TOP:Cable loop (third from left), (0.16 ctw), $875. Turquoisecultured pearlschrysoprasered enamel-coated sterling silver lapis lazuli. $1,100 each.'